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digital marketing services.

Our cannabis marketing experts have the resources and know-how to get your dispensary to the next level. From web design to email marketing and beyond, we do it all. After a consultation with your dispensary and deep dive into your current digital presence, we will be able to compose a strategy customized to your needs and liking.

dispensary website design.

Grow your business through your cannabis website

Designing a website is no easy task. If you choose to take on the project in-house or ask a friend with little experience to do it, you will be left disappointed.

Cannabis Website Development Basics


No one can duplicate original designs. Designs that are inspired and creative above everything else.


The user’s experience could be considered the most important aspect of your website. How the user interacts with your interfaces is curial to their satisfaction, Google algorithm, your conversion rate, and more.


Have you ever thought about this, “without content, what is your website?” Much like design, content must be original. It also must be organized, relevant, and helpful. Creating original content over a long period is vital to your SEO strategy as well.


The internet of today is consumed on our phones and tablets. Crafting your designs, UX, and all other website elements with mobile devices in mind are critical.

dispensary seo.

cannabis SEO fundamentals and much more

Rank high on Google search results pages with our fundamentally sound SEO and content strategies. The is no substitute for a quality dispensary SEO!

Cannabis SEO Basics


In many ways, understanding the user’s intent is what SEO is all about. Exact-match keywords may not be helpful as you think while identifying your user’s intent is more important than ever.


Becoming a trusted authority in your industry can not be overstated. The more helpful content you create, the more people will turn to you in your area, and Google recognizes this!


SEO is all about optimizing your website and creating content that will help you rank high on Google search results pages. SEM (search engine marketing) involves ad creation and paid methods to get your site to display in favorable positions (usually above or below organic results). Often, SEO is looked at as a long term plan for success, and SEM is viewed as a short-term strategy.

dispensary digital strategy.

hone your dispensary’s digital market strategy

Ranking higher on search, getting better engagement, and generating more leads involves a comprehensive digital strategy, constituted by experts.

Cannabis Digital Marketing Basics

Learn The Standards & Regulations

Only those over the age of 21 can consume cannabis products. Also, as you are aware, cannabis is legal or decriminalized in all 50 states. Therefore, federal, state, and local governments have their own laws regarding cannabis advertising. Learning the regulations of your local is a must before you begin building a digital marketing strategy.

Penetrate the Market

Whether you are a new business or established, you are likely trying to bring in new customers and extend your reach. Developing a brand, creating a great website, procuring useful content, and leveraging SEO best practices all play a factor in the success of your dispensary.

Record Results

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, digital practices are far more trackable. In results, you will be able to determine what is and is not working in your area. This information goes a long way to building a successful digital marketing strategy.

dispensary branding.

establish a renowned cannabis brand

We don’t just help design your logo; we help you develop your voice, personality, and purpose.

Cannabis Branding Basics

Name & Logo

Yes, your dispensary name and logo are essential, but it’s not everything. Deciding on a creative and memorable business name is a must. Designing a fundamentally sound and eye-catching logo is also a must. But Dispensary Digital is more interested in what your name and logo say about your business. Which brings us to...

Voice & Personality

Will your dispensary be a thought-leader, environmentally friendly, high-end, for the working women? How you answer questions like these will ultimately decide your dispensary’s position in the marketplace. These ideals are the soil of your brand, and we would love to help it grown into a beautiful bud.

dispensary gmb.

be found with a google my business listing

Customers are looking, but can they find you?

GMB Significance

Local Search

You will be found easier in your area if your GMB includes accurate information such as your address and a website link.

Customer Behavior

If a user needs directions to your location or would like to call you, all of that information is right in front of them on your GMB.


Having a listing gives customers a place to leave you a review. Positive word-of-mouth is always excellent, and any negative feedback you receive will allow you to fix areas that may be lacking.

dispensary email marketing.

distribute a high-quality cannabis email marketing campaign

Email is an excellent channel for treating your loyal customers and snatching up new ones. An intelligent campaign can do both things while providing you with a few surprises.

Cannabis Email Marketing Essentials

Quality Content

Make customers feel like they found the hookup. You can do so by promoting limited time only deals or loyalty coupons. You can also promote useful content, which must be created on your website first, to customers that will find it helpful or entertaining. No matter your goals, whatever content you choose to send in an email must be worth it to open.


Custom code and advanced tactics such as segmentation are all great practices. If you have persuaded a customer to open your email, they must feel as if you just send it to them alone.

digital strategy

pick your package

level up your roi with these digital marketing packages

Gain an edge on your competitors by taking advantage of our expertise in the dispensary digital marketing space. We help you score on top of the Google search leaderboards in your area through relevant search terms, customized content strategy, and user-friendly website interfaces.


Build & Design Fee: $600
$399 / month
  • Website Creation 10 Pages
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • Google My Business Creation & Optimization
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Blog Creation For Community & Why Buy
  • Leafly and/or Weed Maps Integration


Build & Design Fee: $1,000
$599 / month
  • Website Creation 10-15 Pages
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • Google My Business Creation & Optimization
  • GMB Weekly Specials Integrations & Postings
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • 1,000 Word Custom Content Optimized Pg Build
  • Automated Weekly Specials to Draw Consumers
  • Blog Creation for Community & Why Buy
  • 1 Blog Post/Month for Local Outreach
  • Leafly and/or Weed Maps Integration


Build & Design Fee: $1,000
$799 / month
  • Website Creation 10-20 Pages
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • Google My Business Creation & Optimization
  • GMB Weekly Specials Integrations & Postings
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • 2x 1,000 Word Custom Content Optimized Pg Builds
  • Automated Weekly Specials to Draw Consumers
  • Social Promotion on Leafwire, MJLink, Duby, Weedable, CannaSOS & WeedCircles
  • Blog Creation For Community & Why Buy
  • 1 Blog Post/Month for Local Outreach
  • Leafly and/or Weed Maps Integration